Happy Journey Car Air Freshener series

Life is a journey that must be travelled no matter how bad the roads and accommodation – Oliver Goldsmith.

But don’t worry !! We are here to make this journey beautiful & fragrant.

Meet the "Happy Journey" car fragrance series by Mayas’ Perfume World, promoted by www.Rajataworld.com.

Designed to make your journey pleasantly scented with fun and comfort. The collection includes different scents that will turn your car into your most loving place.

Each fragrance evokes your beautiful memories. Memories of your deep forest camp last summer, that morning beach walk with your loved one, that sunny day mountain trek with your best friend, and many more.

These carefully designed fragrances should soothe your mind every time you get into your car. Taking you to a beautiful journey through the following fragrance options

 What we offer :

Uniqueness: All our fragrances are custom-made, created by our in-house perfumers. They are meticulously crafted to deliver unique ambience to our elite customers.

Aroma Concentration: Our product contains pure undiluted aroma concentrates to assure maximum effect possible.

Prolonged Freshness: Each car freshener ensures sustained release of delightful aroma up to 45 days. We have compliments from many users that they last much longer !!

Eco-Friendly Packaging: We try to develop our products and its packaging in most eco-friendly way making us close to nature.

Flexibility in Use : Options are provided for users to try the product in different ways.They can be mounted or hanged at any suitable place wherever you like in your car.

Certification: All our fragrances conforms to the standards of International Fragrance Association ( Geneva, Switzerland). It assures your safety & health during use of our products.

 Easy TO USE:

  • Unscrew the cap of the perfume bottle and take out the stopper.
  • Screw in the Wooden Diffuser. Make sure it is enough tight on the bottleneck.
  • Use the golden lace provided if you wish to hang it in your car.
  • Use a double-sided adhesive disc provided in case you prefer to mount it.
  • You can stick it on the dashboard or on any other flat surface like cup holders.
  • Choose a place avoiding direct sunlight or heat for best performance.


The "Happy Journey" car fragrance series will turn your daily journey into a pleasant experience. Designed to make your journey pleasantly scented and fun as well as comfortable, the collection includes different scents that will turn your car into a sacred place.


 Wild Musk: Immerse yourself in the warm and inviting embrace of Wild Musk. This fragrance combines earthy musk notes with hints of sweetness to create a harmonious blend that relaxes the mind.

 Raat Rani: Transport yourself to the moon garden with Raat Rani. This enchanting fragrance captures the essence of night-blooming jasmine, filling your car with the scent of delicate flowers.

Forest Journey: Take a deep breath and start a forest journey. This fragrance encapsulates the essence of the lush forest with notes of pine and cedar and evokes the serenity of nature.

Aqua Cool: Enjoy the sea breeze with Aqua Cool. This new fragrance combines aquatic notes with citrus notes to help you feel good while driving.

Divine Lotus: Sacred lotus clears your mind and finds peace with the space surrounding you. This refined and serene scent captures the purity and beauty of flowers, creating a calming ambiance in your car.

 Mountain Fresh: Invigorate your senses with the freshness of Mountain Fresh. This scent combines crisp mountain air with fresh herbal notes to make your drive-in feel like a mountain getaway.

Key Features:

Long Lasting: All Way Happiness Car Air Freshener is designed to make your car beautiful and attractive for a long time by providing a long-lasting scent. The fragrance lasts 24 X 7 for 45 Days. 

HOW TO USE: The air freshener is designed to easily attach to your car's windshield to provide a consistent, balanced scent.

 Various: There are many different scents, you can change the scent according to your mood or season.

 Compact Design: Compact and Stylish These air fresheners are designed to complement your vehicle's interior and add elegance to your driving experience.

Say goodbye to the smell and hello to "happiness" every time you step into your car. This fragrance will not only keep your vehicle smelling fresh but will also enhance your overall driving experience and improve your daily commute. Enjoy the road ahead with the Happy Journey car air freshener collection.


Rs. 0.00 - Rs. 587.29
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