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Rs. 328.00
Rs. 328.00
Rs. 598.00
Product description

Forest Air Freshener: A Journey into the Heart of Lush, Green Serenity

Step into a realm of tranquility and natural beauty as you experience our Forest Air Freshener. It's more than just a fragrance; it's an invitation to immerse yourself in the calming embrace of a verdant forest.

 Fragrance Profile:

Forest Air Freshener captures the essence of a pristine forest, inviting you to breathe in the pure, rejuvenating scent of nature. As you release its mist, you'll be transported to a tranquil woodland. The top notes welcome you with the crisp, invigorating aroma of evergreen trees, awakening your senses to the fresh, green world around you. The heart of the fragrance reveals a harmonious blend of woodland florals and earthy undertones, evoking the serenity of a forest in full bloom. The base notes provide a grounding, comforting depth, reminiscent of the rich forest floor.

 Key Features:

Serene Ambiance: Forest Air Freshener envelops your space with the serene ambiance of a lush, green forest, creating a calming oasis wherever you use it.

Long-Lasting: Crafted to offer enduring freshness, this air freshener ensures that the forest's soothing aroma lingers, providing a sustained sense of tranquility.

Versatile: Perfect for various settings, from bedrooms to meditation spaces, it effortlessly brings the calming essence of the forest into your surroundings.

Odor Neutralizer: Along with its forest-inspired scent, it effectively eliminates unwanted odors, leaving your space consistently peaceful and fresh.

Experience the Forest:

Spray Forest Air Freshener in your surroundings, and instantly, you'll feel as though you're nestled within a lush, green forest. Whether you use it to create a serene atmosphere in your home, office, or any other space, Forest Air Freshener promises to transport you to a tranquil, wooded paradise.

Indulge in the soothing, serene scent of Forest Air Freshener, and let it transform your surroundings into a peaceful haven where every breath is an escape to the heart of nature's tranquility. Experience the calm, refreshing allure of the forest with Forest Air Freshener - your pathway to green serenity.

 What we offer :

Uniqueness: All our fragrances are custom-made, and created by our in-house perfumers. They are meticulously crafted to deliver a unique ambiance to our elite customers.

Aroma Concentration: Our product contains pure undiluted aroma concentrates to ensure maximum effect possible.

Prolonged Freshness: Each car freshener ensures sustained release of delightful aroma up to 45 days. We have compliments from many users that they last much longer !!

Eco-Friendly Packaging: We try to develop our products and its packaging in most eco-friendly way making us close to nature.

Flexibility in Use : Options are provided for users to try the product in different ways.They can be mounted or hanged at any suitable place wherever you like in your car.

Certification: All our fragrances conform to the standards of the International Fragrance Association ( Geneva, Switzerland). It assures your safety & health during use of our products.

Easy TO USE:

  • Unscrew the cap of the perfume bottle and take out the stopper.
  • Screw in the Wooden Diffuser. Make sure it is enough tight on the bottleneck.
  • Use the golden lace provided if you wish to hang it in your car.
  • Use a double-sided adhesive disc provided in case you prefer to mount it.
  • You can stick it on the dashboard or on any other flat surface like cup holders.
  • Choose a place avoiding direct sunlight or heat for best performance.

Sleek and Space-Saving Design: These air fresheners feature a compact and stylish design.It seamlessly complements your vehicle's interior. The product provides elegance through its look and enchanting fragrance. It surely is going to elevate your driving experience.

Variety in Perfume Selection: We offer a diverse range of scents, allowing you to choose the perfect fragrance to match your mood or the season.

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