Mermaid Gold Series Perfume Women's

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Mermaid Gold Series Perfume Women's
Rs. 854.00
Rs. 854.00
Rs. 998.00
Product description

Mermaid - Gold Series women's perfume : By Maayas Perfume World: Ocean Breeze Captured in a Bottle

Top Notes:

Mermaid begins with a refreshing symphony of oceanic notes. The top notes are a vibrant blend of melon, lotus, calone, and lemon, conjuring the invigorating essence of an ocean breeze. The juicy sweetness of melon harmonizes with the aquatic notes, creating an instant connection to the sea.

Middle Notes:

As the fragrance unfolds, the heart reveals a delicate floral arrangement. May rose, jasmine, and muguet come together, embodying the bloom of coastal flowers dancing in the wind. These middle notes infuse a touch of femininity, capturing the allure of a summer garden by the shore.

Base Notes:

The fragrance concludes with a warm and inviting base. Honey, raspberry, sandalwood, and vanilla intermingle, creating a sweet and slightly woody foundation. This base adds depth to the composition, echoing the comforting warmth of a summer day.

Main Accords:

  • Aquatic: The aquatic accord sets the tone, delivering the refreshing and revitalizing feel of ocean waves.
  • Floral: The floral notes contribute elegance, evoking the charm of seaside blossoms.
  • Melon: The juicy melon accord provides a succulent and fruity dimension to the fragrance.
  • Ozonic: Ozonic notes add an airy quality, capturing the breezy atmosphere of the coast.
  • Fresh: The overall impression is one of freshness, mimicking the crispness of a coastal morning.

Overall Impression:

Mermaid leaves an indelible impression of a sunlit coastal escape. It embodies the joy and carefree spirit of summer, capturing the essence of a day spent by the ocean. The fragrance is akin to a bottled memory of seaside bliss, offering a sensory journey to sun-soaked shores and salty air.

When to Use and Why:

  • Daytime: Mermaid is crafted for the vibrancy of daytime adventures, making it your ideal companion for summer outings, picnics, and seaside escapades.

Why to Use:

Mermaid is more than a perfume; it's a sensory escape to the beach. Wear it to transport yourself to the carefree days of summer, embracing the light hearted and refreshing aura it brings. This fragrance is your signature for capturing the essence of sun-drenched moments, creating memories that linger like the sweet sea breeze.

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NameMermaid Gold Series Perfume Women's
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