Taurus silver pendant with Chain

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Taurus silver pendant with Chain
Rs. 2,128.00
Rs. 2,128.00
Rs. 4,288.00
Product description
A Taurus silver pendant is a piece of jewelry designed to represent the zodiac sign Taurus, which is associated with those born between April 20 and May 20.

Material: The pendant is made of high-quality 925 silver With High quality of CZ (zirconia stone), which is known for its durability and lustrous appearance.

Design: The Circular pendant features a stylized representation of the Taurus zodiac symbol. The Taurus symbol is usually depicted as a bull's head or the outline of a bull. The design may be intricate or simplified, depending on the specific pendant.

Size: The Circular pendant is typically 20 Millimeters in Diameter, including the bail or loop through with a chain Length of 23 Cm.

Finish: The pendant has a polished silver finish, which enhances its shine and elegance. The smooth surface gives it a sleek and refined look.

Details: The Taurus symbol may be embellished with additional decorative elements, such as engraved patterns, or gemstone accents. These details add visual interest and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the pendant.

Versatility: The pendant is designed to be versatile, allowing it to be worn on various occasions. It is paired with a silver chain to complete the jewelry ensemble.

Symbolic meaning: Taurus is an earth sign in astrology, representing stability, reliability, and determination. Wearing a Taurus silver pendant can symbolize these qualities and serve as a personal talisman for individuals born under the Taurus sign or those who resonate with its characteristics.

Overall, a Taurus silver pendant is a stylish and meaningful piece of jewelry that celebrates the Taurus zodiac sign and can be cherished by individuals who identify with its symbolism.
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NameTaurus silver pendant with Chain
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